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Racism Hurts Us All

A basic tenet of Antiracist Riverside is that white supremacy and systemic racism hurt everyone. It is, of course, most harmful to those most directly impacted - people of color. But all Americans are damaged and their lives diminished.


This country was built on a belief that some groups of people are superior and others inferior, and therefore it is acceptable to exploit their labor and devalue their lives. This belief in the hierarchy of human value has made it possible to forcibly transport and enslave Africans, eradicate entire Native American peoples through war, disease, and forced integration, allow Mexican laborers to work in our fields at sub-minimum wages and in inhumane conditions, and to import Chinese experts in citrus agriculture and exploit their expertise while making some of the biggest fortunes in the U.S.

We are committed to taking on and dismantling the hierarchy of human values that has stopped our country from living up to its most cherished, stated values. In Riverside, we are working on a variety of issues to uncover how systemic racism operates, and how the City and its residents can make transformative change. At the local level, we are leaning into and amplifying the strengths of our multiracial democracy.

This page will provide information, resources, links to effective organizations, and tips for how to live proudly as an Antiracist Riversider. Stay tuned!


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